John Left Victoria Shaking And Gushing After A Good Long Fuck free xxx video

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girl 3 years ago
poor girl sounded like she was in pain the whole time. i would’ve stopped everything to make sure she’s okay and still wants to continue. as long as she’s ok i’m ok
bitch 3 years ago
she cant take dick
Female 3 years ago
This is why foreplay is important. I couldn’t even watch the video with sound on. This poor girl was in a lot of pain and was trying to hide it. Felt so bad for her I know her cervix hurt like hell after.
Cynthia 3 years ago
Finally a guy who knows how to fuck
Cringe 3 years ago
She literally wasn't turned on at all that's why the dick hurt her and the painful moans. Wtf . I feel bad for her. She should have spoke up and said what she wanted and felt.
3 years ago
She started to say stop multiple times. At least ask if she's okay, don't go harder
Queen Melanie 3 years ago
I wish he was fucking me because if that was me I will say keep fucking me. I get so excited when I get turn on yum
rayray 3 years ago
His dick isn't even that big, what the hell. If she got fucked by a real dick she'd be screaming bloody murder.
Queen Melanie 3 years ago
I love too be fuck big cock like that it won't hurt it turns me. I I get so excited when I get turn on.i will say keep fucking me. Lol yum
Anonymous 2 years ago
He looks Albanian