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Future 4 years ago
Slutty chick 4 years ago
I want to be trained... Anyone have a group of friends and wanna come fuck me. I'll take you all on. Use my pussy
Pussy blaster 4 years ago
That would be hot if she was ovulating too..I would blast her balls deep and flood her cervix with my cum...then after the other dudes blasted her I would plunge back in and pump another load in her and just let my cock throb in her for awhile..
4 years ago
Sums up my freshman year of college
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Love the slopping sound as they each fucked and came inside her...as nature intended, not pulling out but cumming deep in her cunt. Ahhhhhh she knows where she belongs. On her back. Would love to hear the guys moaning as they came!
4 years ago
Poor kid won’t know who’s the father
Ben P. 3 years ago
She’s perfect, that’s how I want my wife to be, a real slut letting many men cum inside her!
KaliK9LUVR 3 years ago
The best part of owning a pussy if letting anyone who can... cum deep in it!
SlutQueen 3 years ago
I would love to be fucked like this
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whos the jack off w the camera? better go bk to school. U sure fucked up that video, pour girl all that fucking for nothing, cant even c it!! Also ass wipe maybe u can zoom in a little closer & cldnt count all the pimple on there asses