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T R A S H 3 years ago
Sometimes i come here just to laugh in the comment section
Wait 3 years ago
WTF is there an oven in thier bedroom
John 4 years ago
They are both wearing socks...damn
Concerned 3 years ago
This is why you don't buy used mattresses people! No fitted sheet on their bed, probably soaked with all kinds of filth. I get that they're in a micro-studio, but goddamn, get some sheets on there
BBC 3 years ago
Got to love the stove in the back sets the mood nicely
3 years ago
Why is there an oven in his bedroom?
2 years ago
I'm a guy and I think the guy is cute
Hhhh 4 years ago
️️ ️
Lisa 2 years ago
Yall people don't know the backstory of them. He is 18 years old and she is 23, he just said goodbye to his parents. The tiny room you see is their first apartment together. They are just moving in, this is why it looks so messy. This is their first sex in their own flat
4 years ago
What the fuck