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damn 11 years ago
They REALLY raped her, you can tell she was obviously drugged. Fucked up.
DAFFFFFFE 12 years ago
It was rape, couse she was on drug!
Name of first one 1 year ago
Name of first one
Derp 10 years ago
Yeah, she doesn't look exactly conscious
Badass 1 year ago
She out of it that's why they covered faces and pinned down
Yummy brunette slut 6 years ago
That brunette has a sexy look to her face, lips, and hair that got me hooked. Liked her silky smooth lips and lip gloss with that cute smile. Seeing her face at 0:57 and 1:28 and 1:33 was arousing. Also seeing the wonderful expression on her face as she was being carried into the room to have sex. The video image quality and camera work was mediocre though and the guys need to shut up.
Pavel 11 years ago
Because they are just two wild and crazy guys!
sheesh! 11 years ago
Smoking is the national pass time in Czechoslovakia
gay 11 years ago
why is that dude slapping that other dudes ass? what the fuck
Holy jeewilikers Batman 7 years ago
Thats my daughter! Im so proud of her. Daddy loves you sweetie!!!