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4 years ago
I wouldnt leave her tits alone fuck they are stunning nipples
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wow she has something special there
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Omg I wished my nipples were like that.
Haha yep 1 year ago
Shelly is her name lived west if the park in Pueblo Colorado
1 year ago
She has tits on her tits.
Normal Guy 4 years ago
You could get your eyes poked out with those mutherfuckers!!! I’d wear safety glasses fucking her!!!
4 years ago
Bet he was late for work
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I must have those.....those are a delicacy and so very rare. That gut is a lucky man. My mouth would be on her nipples 24/7
Sleb 1 year ago
I want to take her out braless on a cold night and watch her tits through a silk shirt
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There fucking beautiful I would cum
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