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Paul 2 years ago
Wife loves sucking cock and a mouthful of warm cum then turning to me and kissing it into my mouth which i love to do
Slut & Limp Cuck 1 year ago
My wife loves sucking strangers and swallowing their loads, I love watching her get the pleasure of a real hard cock.
And she likes to watch me sucking and swallowing
Voyeur 7 years ago
Good girl
Rick. 1 month ago
Looks cold where ever it is.
dandabanda 10 months ago
these okes are getting free blowjobs and cant get erect.lol
Mgic 1 year ago
Who is she
Ralf 5 years ago
On Coke? i would surmise as there was lots of energy in that pretty damn good looking woman. Probably woke up the next day with a "rash"
9 months ago
They really do make dicks that small I'll be dammed
Cleetoris Hanns 1 year ago
Aww the memories.Reminds me of my slu-tay ex wife...lol Don't RIP douchebag.
a girl who wants to choke 3 years ago
Poor guys all got tiny dicks