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Phanta_ce 6 years ago
Yes much better than roc and shay....shays boring and lazy af. Yall right Shays not a looker at all. Who needs a vibrator all the time when he clearly is giving her the dick. So no comparison this couple is much better.
very nice 7 years ago
I like to see her pleasure, it's really very horny, beautiful woman, i like dat
jmh03 6 years ago
I like them way better than Roc and Shay. You actually look like you love each other which makes the sex even better... Thumbs up
Big black dick 7 years ago
I'm trying to stop jerking off everyday but fuck. This shit got me rock hard.
I got Next 5 years ago
Got myself a nice hard Nut
Thank you Handsome
lightskinnn b 5 years ago
I want the guy omg he fucks her so good and SO hard
Monkeythump 1 year ago
I bet she got some good pus
YUP 7 years ago
I second that shit, I cant watch the roc and shay ones the girl is just to damn ugly..
wild1 9 years ago
that made my pussy wet
2 years ago
He stiff asf