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7 hours ago
Why does this girl remind me of a model that is from London and she is very popular I hope not because there is a reason why they blur the faces out so u can not tell their identity I'm pretty sure here name starts with the letter E and ends with the letter A and her last name starts with the letter G could it really be my sweetheart my sleepyhead
1 week ago
This couple is so fucking boring, she needs a better man eff… i do i block this couple they show up in every search
Frfr 2 months ago
This is all I want with a woman fr
Wtf 2 months ago
Why the fuk they unfocused on face everyone know chinks are ugly fucks who don't bathe or clean up after sex
It's just me 3 weeks ago
VIVA CHÁVEZ CARAJO!!!! 1 month ago
No bajes, este es el único comentario en español y recuerda decir: QUE VIVA CHÁVEZ NO JODA
Yisus De Nazaret 3 weeks ago
Esa paja no te llevará al cielo :v
anônimo 1 month ago
Brocha do caralho só fica alisando , mulher assim gosta de muito pal
昇龍二0一 5 months ago