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Rocko McCracky 5 months ago
If the tip of my fishing pole breaks off, can I just trim it down to the next ring and still use it? Will it break or will it be okay?
Getting old 5 months ago
That pussy looking old as shit
Bigfishlittlefin 5 months ago
Where can I get me one of these
Davey 6 months ago
Fantastic cleaning lady.
Gary Ginsler 5 months ago
Yes I admit to being a total fucktard. I prefer to get fucked in the ass by donkey sized dicks thank you very much...
5 months ago
Great idea. I’m gonna stick my cock in the one here. Hope I don’t get zapped when I blow, or maybe I’d like that
5 months ago
"I told you not to disturb me when I'm cleaning my room"!
Johnnyappleseed 5 months ago
Are we just gonna ignore that the vacuum had shit dust on it ?
5 months ago
Her roast beef looks overcooked
Wish I was that vacuum 5 months ago
Nice vacuum