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11 months ago
My wife's BFF got knocked up by her bf and 4mos later her ditched her. She ended up moving in with us. By 5mos she was so horny she literally begged my wife to borrow my dick joking, "Not like I'm going to get double pregnant..." Wife let me fuck her regular for months, I fucked her an hour before her water broke. After she healed up, I took her for a ride after to see how good she was... she was good lol.
None 10 months ago
I have that same lingerie set
Rick 10 months ago
My ex wife was pregnant, I dared a mate at the time if he would fuck her, he asked why? I said because she’s already pregnant and I couldn’t make her cum anymore. I said see if you can, I handed him 0. I then ask her, if she would let another guy tap her. She wasn’t into it but didn’t say no. Two weeks past and I said I was working away. It was all on camera. Twice too 3 times a week she fucked him hard. She did things too him I didn’t think she would
Dummy 8 months ago
My sister in law stayed with us while her husband was deployed in the military. My wife and her sister were both pregnant at the same time, and boy was both of them horny all the time. Dam I would laid almost every single day. After the baby’s were born , they cut me off. Now I’m a baby sitter when they are out clubbing but I get clean up duty’s when they cum home
Dewme 11 months ago
Perfect Pussy
My fav 11 months ago
Love the position
PJM 7 months ago
I'd love to find someone as pretty as her and pregnant to fuck
Love it 8 months ago
I love the shape of a pregnant woman make me so hard crazy … do you think a pregnant woman craves more cock when she’s pregnant
Anonymous 7 months ago
God i love pregnant woman she's so sexy knocked up in that lingerie
Dance 10 months ago