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Long nipples 1 year ago
My (natural) boobs aren’t as big as hers but my nipples are quite a bit longer and thicker, and believe me when you have nipples like this they are extremely sensitive, I can orgasm in less than a minute just by having them played with, especially if the other person knows what they’re doing.
Big chocolate nipples 1 year ago
Mmmm my nipples are big too. I love having them sucked hard until I cum
1 year ago
Beautiful body overall !
Walt 1 year ago
Perfect woman.
Boner 10 months ago
LOVE those nipples!!
11 months ago
Beautiful nipples love it.
1 year ago
My cousin had nipples like this. I saw her tits once by accident. Then I met a women with nipples like this and I’ve never cum so hard in my life
1 year ago
Yes. Those nipples were bigger than her tits before the surgery.
1 year ago
Beautiful nipples but this guys dick looks deformed
lottasex4u 5 months ago
she sure has a mouthful of nipples, yummy!