My Husband's Best Friend Fucked Me Next To My Husband free xxx video

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Umm 2 years ago
So no one is gonna talk about why that dude was casually in the bed with them in the first place??
2 years ago
little D
2 years ago
my gf did this once while i was p-out and it was my buddy. he even took pics for me. i woke up and they was nude and she was sprawled out and raw.
Beta Husband 2 years ago
This happened to me too. Last month I was awaken to a neighbor fucking my petite blonde wife next to me in bed. He was suppose to be in guest room. I was awaken as he was balls deep and cumming inside my wife's pussy. As he pulled out I could see his cum oozing out my wife's pussy. He said he was not awake walking and my wife says she was not awake but they both were sweaty.
Bob 2 years ago
My girlfriend did this with a guy in our bed once. I was aware about halfway through, but I pretended not to know. We were at Daytona. She never knew that I knew.
A woman 2 years ago
The way he rubbed her pussy made me dry
Her name was Susan 1 year ago
She was my buddy’s wife. They had a party n we all got hammered, so we decided to spend the night. Susan came down stairs n started giving out BJs. She had 3 hard cocks all to herself. What a fuckfest it was. She was wet horny n wanting dick. She had all of our cocks inside her..1 in each hole n we fucked her for hours and came several times. She was walking alittle slow the next morning. I asked her if she wanted to fuck us again and she said absolutely. So we stayed another night for round 2
beegoo 2 years ago
whats her name?
2 years ago
Damn Thats sad
Nunya 2 years ago
I put my face in my sister in laws big ass when she was s. Right next to my wife they both did not know