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Becky Ann 1 year ago
My husband is an asshole he and my girlfriend tricked me into a threesome. I was thinking it was going to be more girl on girl. Ended up hubby taking viagra pumping three loads of cum in girlfriend unprotected pussy. Now she's pregnant and the threesomes are a regular occurrence. He tells me he loves me and want to keep our marriage. Got to admit I do love eating her pussy especially after he'd filled it full of cum.
Jenny 1 year ago
Saw my husband fucking my sister with his 10 inch cock while I was toying mysellf ! My sister loved it because her hubby has a tiny cock ofcourse my husband had a great time ! Maby I join them next time
Bi Wife 1 year ago
Love toying myself watching my big dick hubby fuck another woman then I go down on her licking her cum filled sloppy pussy
Debbie 1 year ago
Doing this with my sister this weekend.
Zzzzz 1 year ago
They all look bored!
Wicked Tongue 9 months ago
The cuckqueen needs to lick his cum out of the woman that he is fucking
10 months ago
I want to watch someone fuck my girlfriend
Dr. F 1 year ago
It is a video .. not necessarily an honest video but the wife looked really hot. I don’t usually check out the babes feet but hers were really hot. Next time she might wear some heels, In fact both might. The babes usually shed them when the action heats up, and they start working on a good O. Unless they are faking for the camera every time …Lol
Anonymous Chick 2 months ago
I want to get an escort or massage girl for my Husband, so I can watch him do his magic on her and watch her squirm with pure ecstasy, as he thrusts the sh*t out of her (like he does with me). He’s so f*cking good at it, lol.
this daddy4 1 year ago
Odd, he looks just like the pizza delivery guy.